[an error occurred while processing this directive] Born to be wild' year='2012' description='Lambda print on aluminium, 80x60 cm, edition 5+1 AP'; slug='potd' title='POTD' year='2010' description='Picture of the day (discontinued)'; slug='betrachtend-betrachtet-werden' title='Betrachtend betrachtet werden' year='2010' description='Installation: 2 video loops on TV sets, 2 chairs'; slug='recreation' title='Recreation' year='2009' description='Installation: solo exhibition in raum02, Mühldorf/Inn (DE) - 2 photograps, video loop on TV set, video loop projection, furniture, carpet, drawings and chalk line'; slug='but-there-is-always-some-madness-in-reason' title='But there is always some madness in reason (I - IV)' year='2009' description='Installation: 3 video loops on TV sets, furniture, duck tape, hammer'; slug='ohne-titel' title='Ohne Titel' year='2009' description='3 RC work prints (ca. 24x30 cm)'; slug='recreation-1-3-ostpark' title='Recreation 1-3 (Ostpark)' year='2008' description='3 RC prints (á 100x180 cm)'; slug='in-the-neighbourhood' title='In the Neighbourhood' year='2007' description='Installation: photographs on wall, video loop projection'; slug='the-livingroom' title='The Livingroom - cleaning & other home improvements (with Kendra Walker)' year='2007' description='Installation: cleaning, misc. materials, photographs on table'; slug='somebody-somewhere' title='Somebody / Somewhere' year='2001' description='2 RC prints, mixed D/A process (á ca. 127x310 cm)'; slug='lifelines' title='Lifelines :: KAI NöRTEMANN :: Media Artist :: Photography / Video / Installation :: Munich

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